“Caroline is an amazing art teacher with the patience of Job and the enthusiasm of a Texas cheerleader. Under her guidance, I've learned how to paint and draw and embrace the right side of my brain!”
 - Corene Kendrick, attorney, San Francisco

“Caroline is an empathic teacher with tremendous enthusiasm for teaching creative visualization through art and painting. I highly recommend her, both as an artist and a teacher, for students of any age who want to be inspired by practicing art!”
 - David Witt, founder, Chromatic Arts, San Francisco

"Caroline's best gift as a teacher is her ability to guide students in one group class who have a variety of backgrounds (beginners to art school grads) and who are interested in a spectrum of personal painting styles (from realistic portrait, to landscape, to abstract), and who are interested in different levels of guidance (from step-by-step instruction to just trouble-shooting now and then).  She has an uncanny way of shifting gears from one student to the other so that each can realize his/ her personal artistic goals!  And she hilariously entertains you the entire time!" - Shannon Riordan, marketing consultant, San Francisco

"Caroline has helped me become a much better artist, with a enhanced appreciation for color and the courage to experiment.  I now rent my own studio at Art Explosion and work on my own series of paintings.  As much as I believe that I have evolved as an artist, I still need Caroline's help and keen eye to analyze and coach me along the way. I expect to gain from her coaching for a long time to come.
I strongly recommend Caroline's 'Painting on the Right Side of the Brain' course for anyone...literally anyone." - Gaurav Narasimhan, technology director, San Francisco

“Caroline is a teacher for whom there is one word that sums her up: ‘inspirational’.  She gets amazing and immediate results with her students. I thought I had no artistic talent until I started working with Caroline and in just a few classes I could actually draw ! She is also an incredible personality and you should be prepared for lots of laughter and fun if you work with her.I enjoyed my classes so much that I recommended her to several other persons – of whom each and every one decided she was their favourite teacher ever.  Each of these people has now embarked on a lifelong  journey with art. What better recommendation can there be?”
 - Catherine Martell, communications director, Paris, France

"Caroline taught me to paint while I was living in Paris for a year. Caroline hugely increased my confidence and taught me techniques to help me create a couple of wonderful paintings I just love. I'd never painted a portrait before, and she gave me the skills to paint a lovely work of my niece.  Caroline is very passionate about painting, and is a very patient and experienced teacher. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone starting out or just needing inspiration or skills to improve!"

  - Heidi Brook, web developer, New Zealand